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PostBase Poastage Meter

PostBase is a new breed of postage meter, raising the bar for simplicity, flexibility and good looks. Sporting an intuitive touch screen, smooth jam-free operation, simple-sleek appearance, and scalable options, PostBase is a remarkably good fit for nearly any small-to-mid size business. With six appealing colors, five available processing speeds, and numerous accessories. The first-of-its-kind touch screen makes PostBase amazingly easy to use. Choose from six eye-catching colors to match your office.* Change processing speed from 30 to 45 to 65 to 85 letters-per-minute with a simple software download.* Integrated 5-15 lb scale automatically sets accurate postage amounts. Available automatic feeder/sealer dramatically reduces the time and effort required to process mail. Integrated label dispenser makes it easy to apply postage on packages.* Whisper-quiet, smooth operation makes PostBase a pleasurable addition to your office. Track postage costs for between 5-200 departmental accounts. Add customizable message and ads to your indicia. Included PC software allows numerous postage presets, accounting and reporting options.*

* Available on PostBase 30, 45, 65, and 85